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Reunion Recap

SPOTTED: The Bethlehem High Class of ’67’s 50th reunion

BC67-Talent, 10-8-17 from BCHS67 on Vimeo.

BC67 Our High School Today from BCHS67 on Vimeo.

BC67 In Honor of Our Deceased Classmates, 1-7-18 from BCHS67 on Vimeo.

BC67-The Way We Were, 10-8-17 from BCHS67 on Vimeo.

BC67 The Way We Are, 10-10-17 from BCHS67 on Vimeo.

Created by Tom Swasey.

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Pictures, video, audio clip (such as music, song, a cheer, a reading, or other sound effects) from any time period from grade school to present day.

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